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25+ Top Sports Related Courses After 12th | Career In Sports 2020

Worldwide Sport is one of the fastest-growing industries with gross revenues in billions of dollars closer home to from being a cricket centric country India is now home to multiple sports with leagues in football, hockey, volleyball, kabaddi, badminton, tennis, table tennis, we’ve got f1 and byte leagues. Sport is projected to be a 1 billion dollar industry in India soon. Now in this article, we’re going to cover 30 different sport-related careers, the top universities in the world that offer some programs related to sport, typical entry requirements for these programs, and the pros and cons of pursuing a career in the field of sports. Let’s get into those 25+ sport-related courses right away and we’ve divided them into six different categories.

Sports-Related Courses

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1. Sports Management

Now within sports management, you could have six different types of careers.
  1. The first being team management which involves your leading and the entire team and taking care of everything from budgeting to marketing.
  2. The second job in this category would be that of a social media manager.
  3. The third possible career could be that of an event planner that would require skills of event management combined with a deep interest and understanding of the sport.
  4. Career number four is called sports marketing which involves everything from sponsorships, intellectual property and merchandising.
  5. Now if you’re interested in developing talent right from the grassroots picking up young children from across the country and converting them into professional athletes and sports persons then career number five is for you and we call it grassroots development you could perhaps work for organizations that are already involved in such work to name a few MRF Pace Academy, Olympic Gold Quest, and certainly, there are many others in a different sport.
  6. Career number six within the overall category of sports management is called sports agencies which is not handling an entire team but handling all business and legal dealings for professional players.

2. Sports Medicine and Sports Science

This category is for those of you that are passionate about the sport as well as biology. Now while it’s called science in general the crux of these types of careers that I’m going to list under category 2 hinges upon your interest in biology.
  1. Let’s take the first career within this category that of a sports physician or a sports doctor. This is typically a master’s degree that you would undertake post an under graduation degree in medicine it could be an MBBS degree if you’re studying in India or an equivalent degree in under graduation in medicine that you would do anywhere else.
  2. The second type of career within sports science is that of a sports physiotherapist or a therapist. This again requires you to do a master’s program in physiotherapy now you could either do a bachelor’s and physiotherapy followed by a master’s in physiotherapy or you could do a bachelors program in science followed by a master’s in physiotherapy.
  3. Career number third is called sport and exercise science. Now, this is a field where you’ll need to understand the physiological, biomechanical, and psychological influences on human performance and design the best exercises for sportspersons.
  4. Career number four is sports nutrition. Typically this would require you to undertake a degree in nutrition focused on sportspersons requirement.
  5. Career number five is called sports psychology. This is at the intersection of a degree in psychology as well as a deep passion for the field of sport in this career as a sports psychologist you would help players remain motivated to manage intense pressures mental health issues and always remain on top of their game.
  6. And the last career within this category of sports science is called kinesiology or sports biomechanics. This is the physics of sport and when you’re pursuing a degree in kinesiology you would undertake courses in biology, biomechanics, and physics along with anatomy for you to be able to understand the human body very well.

3. Sports Coaching and Education

There are three types of careers that you can follow under this category.
  1. The first is that of a sports coach or a physical education teacher now this could be at a school level at a college level or at an institution-level you could even work for the army or any of those kinds of institutions.
  2. The next career within this category is that of becoming an umpire or a referee. There are specialized courses that are available to help you become either an umpire or a referee.
  3. And, the last career that you can follow within this head of sport education and coaching is that of becoming a professor of sport management at an institution that teaches either sports management or other sport-related courses.

So we’ve covered about 15 sport-related careers up till now in three broad categories. So if you had an interest in manage and sport you could go back and take a look at the sport management careers if you had an interest in biology medicine therapy and that side of things you could go back and take a look at the sports science careers, and the third category that we looked at was the education and coaching combined with the sport.

4. Sports + Computer Science/Engineering/Math/Statistics

Within this category, there are two types of different careers that you could follow.
  1. The first is that of sports analytics there are multiple routes that you can use to get to a career in sports analytics and the popular ones include either doing a course in data science from a computational perspective or doing a course in data analytics from a business school from a statistics perspective.
  2. And the second career that you can follow if you have a passion for engineering is called sports technology. Now this involves the industrial design and product design of sports equipment and the kind of courses that you would undertake when you’re pursuing a degree in sports technology would include sports science kind of courses, engineering courses, as well as product and industrial design type of courses.

Sports Law: There is no particular specialization called sports law but while undertaking a program in law if you find yourself specializing in contract law, labor law competition law, media law, or tort law then a combination of some of these could lead you to become a famous sports lawyer.

5. Sports Journalism/Public Relations

Category number five is for those of you that are passionate about journalism public relations, content creation, and that genre along with the sport. You could have ten types of careers in this category.
  1. Public relations you could become a specialist PR manager for sportspersons.
  2. Content creation which not only includes blogging and writing but also multimedia content creation coming up in the future.
  3. Broadcasting.
  4. Photojournalism.
  5. Publishing.
  6. .Career number 6 is that of being a sports show producer, you could be a producer of a show on television or on any other medium that will come up in the future.
  7. Sports editor.
  8. Career number 8 is that over radio caster or an RG that specializes in the domain of sports.
  9. News reporter who’s a specialist in sport.
  10. Career number 10 is exciting for you if you are interested in social sciences, social sciences research, and market research you could follow this career and make it meaningful when your research helps international organizations and governments to shape policies and procedures relating to the sport.

6. E-Sports

E-Sports is growing rapidly and is they claim that it is about a billion-dollar large already. This field is very large and perhaps needs an article of itself so we’ll not write too much about it but just to mention that there are career options in eSport that are available for you.

Top 5 Universities Offering Sports-Related Courses

  • Loughborough University, UK
  • University of Queensland, Australia
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • University of Sydney, Australia
  • University of Toronto, Canada

Typical Entry Requirements

  • Academics matter.
  • Applicants will be expected to show strong aptitude in the related area. E.g. for sports sciences, a strong aptitude in science is a must.
  • A keen interest/capability in multiple sports is beneficial.
  • Proof of interest can be shown by work done in community service etc. in the area of sport.
  • Most top courses can be very competitive.
  • You would need to look beyond the usual top names to look for the best courses.
  • Communication and leadership skills are important.
  • English language proficiency tests.

Pros of a Sport-Related Career

  • Follow your passion.
  • Growth and nascency.
  • A thrilling career.
  • You could freelance if you wish e.g. physiotherapist.
  • You could work with celebrity athletes.
  • You could work for top brands.
  • Room for creativity.

Cons of a Sport-Related Career

  • Very competitive.
  • The pay scales could be variable depending on the genre.
  • It may involve long working hours and extensive travel.
  • Certain types of sport-related careers might depend on your sustained physical fitness.

So, we have done with our article on 25+ sports-related careers also wish you all the luck for this career. Do you have any questions related to this field? Let me know in the comment section, and I’ll reply with my thoughts!

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