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How To Choose A Career After 12th In India – 2020

How to choose a career? I’m not a career counselor but I have enough experience in choosing a perfect career path. Today, when we have a lot of opportunities available to us and the few questions that occur in your mind, are that we have a limited amount of time how do we choose, how do we go about choosing, what do we want to pursue.

Few Steps For How To Choose A Career

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Step 1

You must understand what you want to do is just a thought that you generate it and it’s not even yours it’s something that you pick up from around you. People today are deciding what to do depending upon what they will get out of it, will I get this kind of lifestyle, will I get this kind of salary, will I make this kind of money and lifestyle this is what they’re thinking, of this, is a wrong way to approach because you will have everything and you will have nothing in the end with life and the right approach is you need to sit quietly and ask yourself that what the thing that makes you not to sleep all night.

Step 2

You must not be driven by your anxieties your frustrations your concerns, you must take off at least three to ten days it makes so much and not to be influenced by anyone, even your parents spend some time with yourself and you must see what is it that matters to you and you must do that and it doesn’t matter that it pays you or not but believe me if your heart is not in something you want to do you will not give your best if you don’t give your best how will great things happen to you.

Step 3

What you want to do is not important what is needed right now you will do that with absolute devotion then only you’ll be successful. So if you can be devoted to anything that you do the success will come to you. And if you’re a fool you will do something that you don’t like to do, if you’re an intelligent person you will do what you love to do but if you want to be a genius in your life you will do whatever is needed with absolute joy and involvement because you can do anything with total involvement.

Bonus Tip About Choosing A Perfect Career

Whatever you’re good at it, always remember one thing do the best thing that is good for you and for your family never let yourself down for anyone, let them say anything either it is good for you or bad for you just listen to them carefully and then take an action without thinking too much, go ahead and choose a career path according to your interest and abilities. Then only you can make a bright future for yourself and set an example for everyone who is not able to do what they want to do in their life because there’s no one is talking about this huge problem and our motive is just to clear your success path according to your interest & making things simple as much as possible.

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