how to become a fashion designer

How To Become A Fashion Designer After 12th In India – 2020

How to become a fashion designer? To be a designer you have to be very creative with your work and you should know the strategy of business management and be aware of the basic production of the fashion. It is something kind of a business it won’t be profitable until unless you don’t know the strategy and how to attract customer with your work and in which cost you should sell your product and how the customer will attract your creation and how they will be liking your work, so you have to know that unless you are not aware of your skills in the management of a business you won’t be able to send your product after and all your skills of fashion making a fashion design after an order comes is a business until unless you don’t know the business strategy won’t be having a good life enough of industrial fashion so you have to be very much aware of your work.

So fashion design is something which deals with a revolutionary thing and very creative products which make a human a very confident and a beautiful with their look.

How To Become A Fashion Designer

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Let’s Find Out What Qualities You Need To Be A Fashion Designer:

  • Artistic Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Creativity Decision Makings
  • and Computer Skills

Salary For Fashion Designer In India

In the fashion designing industry, you’ll be paid according to your work and it depends how much you put effort into your designs. In the beginning, your salary would be 15,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month, depending on the brand and the opportunity.

Top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges In India

  • Pearl Academy, New Delhi
  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • Arch College of Design & Business, Jaipur
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  • JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru
  • Symbiosis International (Deemed University), Pune
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhubaneswar
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad
  • Footwear Design and Development Institute, Tamil Nadu
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kannur
  • World University Of Design, Haryana

Fashion Designing Courses After 12th

After 12th Science:
  • B.Des in Fashion Design
  • B.Sc Hons. In Fashion Designing
  • Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Design
  • B.Sc. – Fashion Designing
  • BBA – Fashion Design
  • BFA – Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design
  • Diploma + B.Design in Fashion (Dual Programme)
  • B.Sc + M.Sc (Design) in Fashion Design
After 12th Commerce:
  • Bachelor of Design (Leather Design)
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • B.Sc Footwear Design and Production
  • Bachelor of Design (Knitwear Design)
  • Bachelor of Design (Accessory Design)
  • Master of Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

Whatever you’re good at it, always remember one thing do the best thing that is good for you and your family never let yourself down for anyone, let them say anything either it is good for you or bad for you just listen to them carefully and then take an action without thinking too much, go ahead and choose a career path according to your interest and abilities. Then only you can make a bright future for yourself and set an example for everyone who is not able to do what they want to do in their life because there’s no one is talking about this huge problem and our motive is just to clear your success path according to your interest & making things simple as much as possible.

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