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Top 5 Habits Of Successful Students: Step By Step Guide 2020

In this article, I’m gonna give you three things, the top 5 habits of highly successful students, 10 easy tips and small things to do to be able to follow these habits, and the names of four wonderful books that you will love once you set out on the habit-forming path. So let’s begin with the names of these four books:
  1. Atomic Habits by James Clear.
  2. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.
  3. Indistractable by Nir Eyal.
  4. Hooked by Nir Eyal.

Habits Of Successful Students

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1. Find The Source Of Your Distraction

Now you might think that the phone is a source of your distraction and that by keeping it on silent it’ll be the solution to all your problems but have you ever wondered why you find it impossible to do that so let’s try to find the real source of your distraction. Nir Eyal says that the opposite of distraction is not focused but traction and the common word between the two is an action which means it’s something we do not something that happens to us so traction are the things that you do that you planned to do and distraction are the things that you do that you didn’t plan for. Now there are two triggers to distraction one is the more obvious external trigger the beeps and rings on your phone. The second is the internal trigger something inside you now it could be loneliness, it could be low self-esteem, or it could be just boredom that leads you to grab that phone. Our brain is using these distractions to prevent us from these uncomfortable feelings.

Strategies to Prevent Internal and External Triggers:
  • One is to manage our internal triggers. Now if you have to manage our distractions we need to recognize and manage our internal triggers but how are we going to do this. Here are some steps to follow one every time you notice a serious distraction pause take a notebook and write down the exact sensation that you feel is it fatigue or is it something more painful to acknowledge the sensation let it come to the surface don’t drown it or shut it out. So if you find that you were procrastinating because you were stressing about an assignment recognize that calm yourself down take a warm shower be compassionate to yourself don’t berate yourself for procrastinating. Give yourself 10 minutes and most times the pain will either pass or settle and once you’re aware of the nature of the problems over time you might be able to manage the root cause of your distractions.
  • Follow these simple steps to hack external triggers. Step number one turns off the notifications on all the apps on your phone right now this is non-negotiable. Step number two when you study keep your phone away from your study space now the brain resists extra effort and you’ll find that every time you try to grab the phone and you find that it’s sitting forty-five seconds away inadvertently you’ll tell yourself okay I’ll check it later and announce this to your friends tell everyone that I don’t check my phone always on time and they will stop expecting instant replies from you. Step number three send less messages. Now every time you send a message you look at your phone you wait for a response and that leads to a cycle of its own. Step number four active participation in class avoid looking at your phone during class hours now take notes to ask and answer questions participate in discussions and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve finished learning in the school itself while everyone else was busy checking their phones.

2. Find Your Golden Hour – Or Two

Now everyone has that perfect time during the day when they are most productive so look around the routine of your house and find that perfect slot of time when you’re most productive creative and energetic. Tom Cleary calls this habit stacking he says that stacking one habit on top of another helps you to do multiple things during your most productive hour and before you know it bingo you’ve accomplished a lot in a short period.

3. Time Management

Find yourself a timetable customize it stick it on your wall use a calendar app set out intentions for things that you want to implement. Make time for traction the trouble with distraction is that while you’re binging on Netflix the mind doesn’t even know what it’s supposed to be doing instead and the mind is very clever it’ll convince you that whatever it is it can be done tomorrow. So plan your time don’t just write a to-do list has this funny way of remaining the same day after they even though you seem to be slogging it out and while making that timetable make sure you include distributed practice which means practicing something more frequently every day rather than cramming on the last day before the exams.

4. Health, Fitness & Nutrition

Let’s start with exercise Charles Duhigg calls exercise a keystone habit which means this one single habit can impact almost everything else in your life but the reality is that we procrastinate the most when it comes to exercise. So let me give you some simple things that you can do to hack yourself into the habit of exercising. One, for example, you want to get up in the morning and you go for a run how about you set up cues in the night before going to bed place your running shoes and you’re running outfit right next to your bed so when you get up in the morning you see the cue to go running. The second tip is to join a fitness group, habits are much easier to form when they are done in groups. Another thing when it comes to exercising is to make it easy, don’t train like an expert where you’re lifting heavy weights the whole day your body is hurting and you’re feeling sorry for yourself. Make exercise fun do things that you enjoy it could be badminton, swimming, or walking with a friend. When habits are enjoyable you tend to continue doing it else you drop out and don’t worry about the progress it’s usually two steps forward and one step backward but it’s still progress.

Now let’s talk about healthy eating first of all crowd out your refrigerator of all the unhealthy, food stacks it out with healthy food. Unhealthy eating tends to happen when there’s nothing to eat at home and fast food is convenient. The second tip is food journaling. Just writing down what you eat every single day is known to create the habit of healthy eating because otherwise willpower is a muscle and it tires itself out. Third and very important thing for you to do is to set up reward and genuine rewards if you have three good days give yourself that little chocolate and soon it’s going to become a habit and the fourth little simple thing to do to hack your nutrition is to create an identity pact. Have you ever noticed when people are vegetarian they announced to everyone that they are vegetarian and when they look at the food they never go through this dilemma or should I eat the meat or should I not eat the meat they never eat the meat because that’s who they are so how about you create this identity pact for yourself?

5. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Take a piece of paper and draw a big circle on it and inside the circle write down everything that you already have it could be a car it could be a beautiful pet dog a college degree or loving parents. Now outside the circle write everything that you aspire to have it could be a bigger house it could be a fat paycheck it could be a vacation or just another pet. Habit number one is to expand your comfort zone do one thing daily that makes you uncomfortable that gets you scared that makes you sick in the stomach it could be volunteering to stand up in front of a group of people and making a speech it could be making a presentation in class singing in front of your friends I don’t know it could be learning to play the guitar but as long as something makes you afraid and uncomfortable stretch yourself to do it and if you’re not doing one thing daily weekly or monthly that makes you uncomfortable and stretches your comfort zone guess what you’re not growing and finally believe in your superpower believe in your ability to hack yourself into this person that you want to be one small step every day.

Summary of 5 Habits of Highly Successful Students
  1. Go outside your comfort zone.
  2. Health, Fitness & Nutrition.
  3. Find you Golden Hour- or two.
  4. Time Management.
  5. Find the source of your distraction.

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