how to choose a career path

6 Effective Tips For How To Choose A Career Path In 2020

Don’t know about how to choose a career path? I’m gonna share with you six tips to help you figure out what career pathway to choose and if you are lacking a bit of direction if you feel like you have to have it all figured out don’t worry because I do think that these 6 tips are going to give you a bit more clarity and just help you to find a bit more direction so let’s get straight into my tips now to get the most out of these six tips.

I highly recommend that you actually map everything out on a big piece of paper and this is honestly what I did when I was trying to figure out what to do with my career because I think if we write down our thoughts and all of our intentions and values it’s going to help us in steering us in the right kind of direction. Here are 6 tips to help you decide on a career path.

How To Choose A Career Path

1. Choose A Career That Makes You Happy

So the first tip is to write down a list of all of the skills that you possess the sort of things you feel confident in doing and also the sort of things that you enjoy these skills that you’re going to write down that’s how you’re able to add value to the world the things that you can give to society and make a mark so make sure to spend quite a bit of time and if you get a little bit stuck even consider bringing up a friend or family member and asking them what do they think you’re skilled at and you’ll be surprised how long this list is gonna get.

2. Choose A Career Based On Skills

This tip is really important too it’s a really important part of this exercise is to create a list of all of your weaknesses and your likes so think about the things that you’re not necessarily bad at you just find, drain your energy more that you don’t enjoy doing and you wouldn’t want to do them for a long time or perhaps they’re quite anxiety-provoking and they stress you out because you feel quite out of your depth so it’s fine if there are skills that you’re not that competent in at the moment but you know that you can improve in these are the sort of things and that it’s just not your forte now.

3. Choose A Career, You Love

I want you to think about all of the things that you enjoy doing every week and also think back to when you were younger what sort of stuff did you love to do then are you very creative do you like to draw in your spare time do you love to be around people you’re very social and you’ve always been that way since you’re a child do you like to write read to be creative but by yourself or maybe you love to perform and you’re in the drama club at school you love to be involved in the school plays and when you were a child used to put on shows for family Friday night dinners, however, think about all of the stuff that you genuinely enjoy that ignite the spark that energizes you.

4. How To Choose A Career Path

This is something that I found myself doing three years ago while I was on an airplane flying back from a family holiday I wrote down a long list of adjectives to describe the kind of life that I wanted and I wrote down in present tense I wrote in this life is creative enjoyable colorful fun adventurous charismatic I wrote down all the sort of adjectives that I wanted my life to be like in the future but writing it in present tense it just changes the kind of mindset that you have it puts you into a more proactive state of mind so think about what kind of life you want, what would your life look like and write down as many adjectives as you can think of and that works.

5. Choose A Career, Choose Life

I’m going to reference one of my favorite books it’s called the life plan by Scheiner Kennedy and but it talks about being mindful of your core values and actually, there was another book I read by Daniel the pot called the desire map which also can help with this activity but I want you guys to write down your core values these are the sort of things that you will not budge on they’re the most important to you perhaps it’s happiness, health, relationships, and money there’s no right or wrong answer it’s just what’s important to you what do, you want to make sure you’re shaping your future around what kind of job is going to fit around these core values and also embody them as well.

6. Why Is It Important To Choose A Career

So think about the kind of roles that perhaps they’re new such as using social media or maybe they’ve been around for a while such as being a clinical psychologist or a teacher think about what kind of jobs are going to mimic these core values are going to embody these strengths that you bring to the table or these skills and that are going to be enjoyable for you to do for a long time you want to have a really good understanding of yourself and what’s important to you, what you’re good at, and what you enjoy doing.


I just want to say one last thing I genuinely believe when you do what you love and you have the right intention that you have good intentions to bring something good into the world things fall into place and it works out and you will see all of the results pay off you see your effort pay off and I can do that in my career at the moment as well and I just want you to be mindful of the kind of future that you carve out for yourself and I loved doing this exercise and it’s something that I think we should do every couple of years as we go through different changes in our life as well and maybe we just want to tweak the direction of our careers as well so just keep that in mind.

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