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5 Books You Must Read Before You Die | Life Changing Books

Books You Must Read? For so many times you promised yourself you’re going to read a lot of books but there are problems one you hate reading, two you don’t find time to read, three books are expensive, and finally, you don’t even know what to read so in this article we’re going to solve all these problems for you. I’m going to review five books that I think you should read in 2020. Some of these books I’ve read in print someone might book reader but most of them I’ve read as audiobooks on storytel. I love audiobooks because they allow us to save time and I listen while I’m on the move. Audiobooks are the new way of reading especially if you’re learning English and you’re daunted by this 300-page book, then listening to it will help you improve your pronunciation and grammar and now for my favorite five books, you must read.

Best Books You Must Read

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1. Shoe Dog A Memoir by Phil Knight (Creator of Nike)

This book has been a New York Times bestseller and has been on the recommendation list of Bill Gates as well and some of the key takeaways from this book that I completely love are one not letting other people’s vision of the future dictate you. When The Author of this book was coming up with the idea of opening a shoe company(Nike) most people thought he was completely crazy and mad because back then running was not as popular as it is today times and it was considered so weird. The second takeaway for me from this book is that you don’t need to know everything before you start to be successful and Knight shows us that all you need is a relentless passion to figure it out and the third takeaway is that if you’re going through hell, keep going and there were so many moments in this book when I thought that knight was just hanging by a thread and he’ll never make it and trust me there are so many people out there that your ideas are weird – which is why I think you must read this book.

2. Range by David Epstein

You may have read that Tiger Woods picked up the golf club as a toddler and even believe that some of the brightest child’s know exactly what they want to pursue early in life but did you also know that Roger Federer dabbled in squash skiing, skateboarding, wrestling, basketball, and badminton. Before he narrowed down to tennis much later as an adolescent and he credits this range of sports to his eye-hand coordination and athleticism and Epstein’s research has shown that many successful people didn’t know exactly what they wanted to pursue at the start and they tried a bunch of different things before zeroing in on one and a statistic shows that Nobel laureates are 22 times more likely to be a musician and actor a poet or a singer. So if you don’t know what your calling is dabbling in a bunch of different things and read range.

3. The Winners Brain by Jeff Brown and Mark Penske

This book takes a neuroscience perspective on the brain and I’ll share two very interesting studies from the book. The first conducted on cab drivers that use their memory to find routes instead of using Google Maps and they found that over time the hippocampus grew and developed in size and the hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for visual and spatial memory and this shows that we can change our brain over time. The second study they conducted was on performing musicians where they did a functional MRI and when the musician was performing inflow without actually worrying about his performance or the audience, and that tells us a bit about being in the flow or being in the zone. This book gives us five powerful tools to help us change the landscape of our brains.

4. The Rudest Book Ever by Shwetabh Gangwar

This book is a straight-faced book that helps you find your own identity in the middle of all this chaos. It’ll make you laugh and ponder over your inner thoughts at the same time. I especially like the section where he talks about dealing with rejection. Shwetabh says that typically people have 1 out of 3 reactions to rejection, 1 they feel like they’re a loser, 2 they feel like I’m going to do well and prove to them that I’m better than what they thought and 3 is about negativity hate message the world is bad everyone’s bad and he goes on to tell us how all three of these reactions are detrimental to us and in this book he suggests a very cute interesting and unique reaction that we should have to rejection, read this book if you want to put a question on your belief.

5. Insight by Tasha Erick

This is a guidebook on self-awareness who we are how others see us and how we fit into this world. Tasha shares years of research with us and some startling revelations that she comes up within this book include that selfie taker have shallower relationships than other people and active text-ers do less personal reflection than most average people one technique that she’s shown us to increase our self-awareness is to replace the why in our questions with what. Now let’s take an example to let’s say you’re not happy with your job, now instead of asking the question why do I feel so terrible change it to what situations make me feel terrible and what can I do to change them read this book if you want to grow as an individual.

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