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5 Best Must Read Powerful Books For Success In Life | 2020

Books for Success? So we all want to be more successful focus, inspired, and motivated in life and I’m going to recommend you the five books that you must read to be successful and I believe every student should read and I would consider them life-changing books so I will tell you a short story from each book so read the whole article right till the end.

Must-Read Books For Success

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1. Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

You’ve taken a decision, you’ve decided to give up smoking, or junk food and the first few weeks go like a breeze and you’re feeling super confident and you’re proud of yourself but soon there’s a temptation in front of you succumb and then you’re back to your old habits. If you’ve been through this cycle before then you know the power of habits. When you should read this book when you think you’re procrastinating all the time this is the book for you to pick up and let me tell you a little story from the book.
  • Starbucks was once trying to motivate its baristas to smile at customers all the time and they thought that how about we use the power of willpower and they tried to teach them to use the willpower to smile at their customers but they found that most of the time they were able to smile but when the situation became very stressful the baristas became grumpy and they discovered that willpower is a muscle and that tired easily so they said how about we form a habit so they introduced a technique called latte which was a series of steps that the barista had to do every time they faced a stressful situation, listening to the customer, acknowledging the customer, taking action, thanking the customer, and explaining to the customer and now with repeat practice every time they faced a stressful situation all they had to do was perform this series of activities and they were able to remain calm so in this book, you will be able to find techniques to change your life one habit at a time.

2. Find Your Why by Simon Sinek

This is a follow-up book to the bestseller start with the why of the same author. This is a step-by-step tutorial that will help you find the purpose of your life, job satisfaction, or even your dream job. When you should read this book when you’re looking to find your dream job or a task that fulfills you and I’ll tell you this interesting story from this book about a paper manufacturing company that discovered that one of its salesmen consistently outperformed all the other salespeople on the team and when they looked at his background or his experience they found nothing unusual so they accompanied him on a call and that’s where they found the real difference while most salespeople would talk to the company about the quality of the product or the attractiveness of the price, the star salesmen would focus on the vision of the company and their commitment to producing good quality paper and reading this book will give you a step-by-step guide to finding a commitment to your old purpose.

3. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

There is a compelling drama going on in our minds a film like a plot between two characters full of drama and tension. Character number one is the intuitive impulsive automatic system one and the second character is this thoughtful calculating system number two and the way these two play off each other determines how we make decisions how we judge and how we act. When you want to read this book when you want to avoid your bad decisions and be able to control your mind to always make the right decision.
  • Here’s an exciting story from the book let’s say a ball and a bat together cost a hundred and ten rupees and what if I told you that the bat costs a hundred rupees more than the ball. Now quickly tell me how much does the ball cost chances are the first number that crossed your mind was ten rupees but that’s the wrong answer, think again, and the right answer is five rupees. So what happened that made us take this wrong decision, what happened was that system number one took control relied on your intuition and gave the answer fast, normally whenever you’re faced with a complicated problem system number one connects with system number two and they both together answer that complicated problem but here the first system which is impulsive got tricked into believing that this is an easy question and why don’t I just answer it using my intuition. So this book will give you a host of such examples of how these two systems interplay within us and that’ll make us aware of the wrong decisions, sometimes that we take impulsively.

4. Deep Work by Cal Newport

Now be honest with yourself while reading this article, how many times has your phone beeped and how many notifications have you attended – the question is what is the impact of these distractions on our focus and concentration when should I read this book when I’m trying to focus and concentrate and I’m not able to deal with distractions and in this book, you’ll find great examples of techniques that you can use to increase your focus and productivity.

5. Influence by Robert Cialdini

Did you just go into a shop and buy some weird lamp just because the salesman forced you to buy or did you donate to some obscure calls just because someone walked into your house and persuaded you to do that and are you now kicking yourself for being so gullible so when you should read this book is when you’re either looking to persuade people or you’re looking to prevent people from persuading you. So here’s a story that I love from this book.
  • The research walked up to a queue of people standing in front of a photocopier machine trying to make copies of the paper and she walked up to them and asked them if they would allow her to skip the line now in the first instance she just said would you let me skip the line and 60% of them allowed her to skip the line. In the second situation she said would you allow me to skip the line because I’m in a hurry and 94% of the people allowed her to skip the line, but in the third case she said would you allow me to skip the line because I need to make copies and can you believe that 93% of the people allowed her to skip the line. So what she found with this and several other experiments was that people are mentally tuned to give you a grant you a favor if you give them a reason any reason at all so in this book you’ll find a host of examples and case studies of how people tend to get influenced or persuaded and how you can negotiate with people.

We’ve done with our list of five books for success, pick whichever book you want to start with, and most useful to you right now because some successful people say “Read to Lead.” So let me know in the comment section which book you’re excited about to read first.

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